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Family and friends

Added: Tuesday May 09th 2017
By: Afishinado VB Charters

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Over the past few week we have had some good fishing action. Over the next couple of weeks as the waters continue to rise more species of fish will be showing up. We’ve been catching Redfish, trout and big chopper bluefish. The big red drum are beginning to show up. Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Spadefish and Sharks are on their way and will be here any day. We are looking forward to another great year aboard Afishinado. Call, we will get you on some great fishing action and make everlasting memories. Thanks Capt. Kevin


Virginia Beach Fishing Charter

Added: Tuesday May 16th 2017
By: Afishinado VB Charters

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Virginia Beach Deep Sea Fishing
Today we had a great day fishing with the guys from Ohio. We ended up with a limi of Spadefish along with a few blues anda couple of release taugs. We would like to Thank everyone who choses to fish with Afishinado VB Fishing Charters. We love to be able to do this on a daily basis.


Inshore Fishing Trips

Added: Saturday May 20th 2017
By: AfishinadoVB Charters

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Virginia Beach Deep Sea Fishing
Great fishing over the past week. We are seeing limits of Spadefish right now with some world class red drum fishing. We have gotten off to a great 2017 fishing season and as the waters continue to rise more fish are showing up. Give us a call to create everlasting memories!!


Deep Sea Fishing Virginia Beach

Added: Tuesday May 30th 2017
By: AfishinadoVB Charters

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Virginia Beach and Cheaspeake Bay Fishing Charters
Great fishing over the last week. The Spadefish have been biting really good, along with the Bluefish and Spanish Mackerels showing up in good numbers. We also caught a few sharks this week. As the waters continue to rise more and more fish showing up. The big bull Redfish are along the oceanfront and The Cobia are coming in from the south. We are seeing numerous Cobia. We be targeting them when the season opens on June 1st. Also we would like o give a shout out to Smith optics for our newest sponsor. The best polorized glasses on the market today. Give us a call if you would like to create some everlasting memories!!! Thanks Capt. Kevin and Capt. Ken.


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